Conference activities

Discounts for conference delegates

Our good partner VisitBelfast has arranged several offers and discounts for conference delegates. These offers include for example discounts for tours and several restaurants in Belfast and they are valid during the conference. See the full list of offers from here.

ECMH 2019 photo contest

Capture your favorite moments during the conference and post them to Instagram, Twitter or Facebook with hashtag #ECMH2019 The best photo will be awarded.


Walking Football 15:00 – 16:00 

An introduction to walking football. Join and give it a try!






Reception at the Belfast City Hall at 19:00

We welcome all the delegates to participate to our reception at Belfast city hall, Donegall Square N.









Morning run 

Join Aoife McVeigh from VisitBelfast for a morning run. The route is 3,1 miles / 5 km long and it goes along the river and the city area. The run starts at 7:00 at the front gates of Belfast City Hall and lasts appr. 30 minutes.






Photo: Mental Beauty Records / Kukunori Finland

Music workshops by Music Beyond All Borders

Music is around us every minute of every day, in the sound of spring rain, in the sound of planes trains and automobiles. That music creates, manipulates and confirms emotions in us as passive recipients. So what then does music do when we create it? What place does music have in our recovery journey? The collaboration of Music Beyond All Borders is excited to participate in the Belfast Conference. Here’s a quick summary about us and what we plan to do at the event for pre-promotion. Established as a result of initial conversations between SRN in Scotland, Musical Intervention in the US, Kukunori in Finland and Dramalogen in Sweden, Music Beyond All Borders is a grass roots global movement including musicians, producers, writers and other music enthusiasts to collaborate in creating music and recovery. Music, wellbeing and mental health connects people and organizations all over the world. Music Beyond All Borders includes participants from Scotland, Finland, USA and Sweden and presents three groovy workshops on Thursday at the conference. Workshops are open for everyone, no previous experience needed. Don’t miss out! Do the registration beforehand to secure your place or drop in to see if there is space. You can sign up for the workshops on Wednesday near the registration desk.

Kukunori is the centre organization of culture and wellbeing in Finland. Kukunori provides from Finland provides an opportunity to participate in a facilitated digital environment for recovery musicians. The non-profit Mental Beauty Records provides an opportunity to produce and publish music and creates a community where everybody feels welcome. Come and experience the power of Figure Notes in band playing and play together easily through colors and figures. Musical intervention works with clinical and community-based organization to provide the platform for individuals and groups to write, recording, and perform original music. Our Storefront Headquarters helps us combine efforts with local social service organizations to improve the overall health of the community. We believe that there is a song everyone that can be explored to rediscover our humanity and potential. Our goal is to inspire and create quality music and contribute to the body of academic research knowledge in order to develop more effective strategies in promoting human welfare and dignity.

Musical Intervention will provide a group songwriting session. The goal of the group is to collaborate with each other to develop original lyrics and melody with the help of the group facilitator. The song will then be recorded by the group and each participant will receive a copy of the recording. Its easy and fun, we look forward to hearing the song in you.

Dramalogen is the only culture workshop in Sweden and provides a community where people can come together, create cultural productions and provide culture-based services for the community. Welcome to the Dramalogen ”Be part of writing a song” workshop. We will start with nothing and during the workshop write, rehearse and record a song together. It is going to be a nice group-process with hand on results. Come on and lets play together!

In co-operation Scotland’s Musical Instrument and Equipment Library Music Broth