Festive evening with dinner

Thursday, Oct 5th 2017

Instead of a traditional Conference banquet, this year we will do something special and exciting in the city famous for its addictive atmosphere made out of grit & glamour.

Our festive evening is held at a very unique venue, Roadrunner´s Paradise Club, in the heart of Berlin (just around the corner from the Conference) providing a great chance to get a real taste of the “Berlin flavor”. Roadrunner´s is a cinematic location that, when you enter, swallows you into its authentic ambience both rough and classy at the same time.

The party will offer the perfect opportunity for enjoyable mingling alongside a delicious dinner. Berlin is full of delicious finger food options and we will offer typical dishes as well as vegetarian choices. Dinner will be ”Finger food deluxe” because plates and cutlery will be used for the best and tastiest experience. Special dishes for allergy sufferers will be arranged on demand (to the extent possible).

Two glasses of wine / beer/ soft drinks are included.

We will also have special program and of course good music to listen or dance to – an evening full of fun and enjoyment!!

More information about the program and party coming soon…

Registrations for festive evening in here.


Grill & Barbecue

 In an open grill

 Grilled „Strudel“ with Spinich-Tofu filling

 Vegetarian Patties

 Merguez, Chorizo, Salsiccia

  Marinated Chicken Skewers

From BBQ Smoker

 „Pulled Pork“

 with chutney made of prunes and red onion

& North Carolina Vinegar Sauce

“Plank grilled” Salmon


Sidedish and salads

 Rosmarin Potatoes

Ceasar’s Salad

Coriander Couscous

Grilled veggies


  BBQ Sauce and Dips



Brownies with Vanilla Sauce


   Two glasses of wine / beer / soft drink on the house

Bar open all night long

Dress code: casual/rock as our male model wears in the picture.