Keynote speakers

Dr Líam Mac Gabhann, Ireland

Líam is a mental health practitioner, counsellor and community activist. Along with a wide group of colleagues my main programme of research focuses on `Transforming Dialogues in Mental Health Communities`. Much of this work centres around people reconciling their own experiences, perceptions and practices with other people/groups associated with mental health and using different approaches to improve these at individual, group, organisational and community level. Examples of relevant areas include; where people have extraordinary experiences and beliefs; when people are disenfranchised by society and community; and in the area of Trauma and responses to traumatic events. Approaches include cooperative learning, participative action, open dialogue, community development and systemic family constellations work. Some relevant recent developments I have been involved with include; a broadening of the Trialogue community in Ireland; developing a community based Recovery College; enhancing public and patient involvement in health and social care research; developing Dual Diagnosis services; and developing the role and educational pathway for Peer Support Working in mental health.